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Events Designed around you

NYLUX Events plans every event with your story and style at the center of each decision, because we always design event experiences around what’s most important to you. Whether it’s a mitzvah, wedding, milestone or corporate event, you want guests to see you for who you are and what you love most. Our job is to communicate it through the design.

To create the most memorable occasions, we start by listening to you. We want to learn what your priorities are and what you want your guests to remember from the event. Only when we know these things can we design a one-of-a-kind experience that reflects who you are and what you want your guests to feel.

While you can count on our experience producing scores of events, it’s important to us that you feel like yours is truly your own. 



thoughtful Client Experiences

We develop long-lasting relationships with our clients by putting you at the center of our planning process. You won’t ever feel like you’re on a clock when we discuss your event. We’ll meet with you where it’s most convenient for you. We’ll help navigate family dynamics with everyone’s interest in mind. The planning process should be a joy, not something you dread.

You’ll be guided you through all the nuances of hosting a successful event. We keep in mind all your concerns, from the look and feel of the event, to being good stewards of the budget, to the countless thoughtful gestures you can show your guests.

We’ve developed a simple philosophy for event planning. The client is the thought leader. You drive the discussion with your priorities and your ideas. If you’re ready to articulate them before we meet, we’ll start from there. If you don’t yet have them, that’s okay, too. Our job is to help translate what you see in your mind into something you and your guests can experience.



Andrea Adelstein - CEO

Andrea has developed a simple event planning philosophy. The client is the thought leader. Working together, Andrea forges strong relationships with her clients, distilling their vision into unique celebrations that reflect their goals. From concept to execution, she takes a calm, listening, multi-faceted approach and thrives on all aspects ~ creative and operational.

Having started her career as a buyer for Saks Fifth Avenue, she brings her organizational skills, attention to detail and impeccable style to every event produced. Andrea has a keen eye for both clean contemporary and traditional design, with a nod to eclectic, old world glamour. With long history and reputation of being an accomplished cook and hostess, she is the ultimate foodie. Through NYLUX Events, Andrea is excited to produce the chicest celebrations for 15-1500 guests.



Lauren Platt - Associate Planner

Lauren recently joined NYLUX events as an Associate Planner. Lauren brings to NYLUX an extensive resume of experience in restaurant special events and management. With an intense energy level and a keen eye for what is current, she brings a fun, young, hip perspective to each event.

Her excellent communication, organization and problem solving skills are integral to every event we produce.


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Alwyn is a long time veteran of the New York City wedding industry, and has helped to bring hundreds of stylish celebrations to life. As the stationery specialist for NYLUX Events, she designs and coordinates the production of print collateral and provides guidance pertaining to etiquette and verbiage. Her work is meticulous and discerning, colored by her passion for typography and commitment to excellence.

She is always striving to present timely and viable solutions, never compromising quality or artistic integrity. A graduate of degree programs in public relations and advertising, she places a premium on arresting aesthetics and consistent and cohesive communication.

A Preferred planner for Carnegie Hall