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Our Approach

NYLUX Events plans every event with your story and style at the center of each decision, because we always design event experiences around what’s most important to you. Whether it’s a mitzvah, wedding, milestone or corporate event, you want guests to see you for who you are and what you love most. Our job is to communicate it through the design.

To create the most memorable occasions, we start by listening to you. We want to learn what your priorities are and what you want your guests to remember from the event. Only when we know these things can we design a one-of-a-kind experience that reflects who you are and what you want your guests to feel.

While you can count on our experience producing scores of events, it’s important to us that you feel like yours is truly your own. 



Client Experience

We develop long-lasting relationships with our clients by putting you at the center of our planning process. You won’t ever feel like you’re on a clock when we discuss your event. We’ll meet with you where it’s most convenient for you. We’ll help navigate family dynamics with everyone’s interest in mind. The planning process should be a joy, not something you dread.

You’ll be guided you through all the nuances of hosting a successful event. We keep in mind all your concerns, from the look and feel of the event, to being good stewards of the budget, to the countless thoughtful gestures you can show your guests.



NYLUX Events Team

We’ve developed a simple philosophy for event planning. The client is the thought leader. You drive the discussion with your priorities and your ideas. If you’re ready to articulate them before we meet, we’ll start from there. If you don’t yet have them, that’s okay, too. Our job is to help translate what you see in your mind into something you and your guests can experience.

Andrea and our team form strong relationships with our clients by seeking to understand what’s most important at different points in the planning process. We know what you need in the early stages of planning is different than what you need later on, closer to the event. We’ll make sure to move at your pace and meet your expectations in ways that are meaningful to you.

NYLUX Events are designed and produced through the work of many. Andrea leads a skilled team with decades of combined experience in food and beverage, planning, procurement, stationary and paper goods, branding, and design. We believe so many talents working toward a shared outcome makes all our events better than what only one or two people can do on their own.