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You shouldn’t have to worry about creating an extraordinary event. You rely on experts in other areas of your life, so why should your event be any different? Party planning is serious work and, like all successful approaches in life, takes skill and experience to do well. Let us take the lead in making an event to remember.

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The event day may seem like an eternity away from you, now, but you’ll find it sneaks up quickly. We’ll help you lay out a timeline that makes sense for your event — and your lives. For the event, we’ll ensure you have plenty of time to enjoy each element of the party.

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We understand the importance of being a good steward of the budget. We’ll work to create a realistic guide for you to work with, and then help make the tough decisions with you to maintain the integrity of the event without sacrificing the budget.


Choosing the right providers for your event can be daunting. You have so many to choose from and it’s a risk when you don’t have trusted suggestions. We already know the best in the business and can recommend who fits best you and your vision.

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Your event showcases a style that’s your own. You know how to bring it out in what you wear and how you decorate your home, but creating a look and feel for your celebration isn’t as easy. You’ll find our perspective helpful in creating the event you’ve imagined.

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Today’s events are all about the experience. You want your event to look beautiful, and — even more — you want it to be fun. We’ll help you create an experience that moves your friends and family to tel you the next day that they’ll have memories to last a lifetime.



You should be a guest at your own event, celebrating with loved ones rather than stressing out about vendors showing up on time or if the bars are ready to serve your guests. Leave the hard work to us so you can relax knowing it will all come together.

“Andrea is reliable, flexible, aware of your needs, and well-connected to the best contacts in NYC!” - Stephanie