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The most elegant affairs combine gorgeous decor, compelling and delicious fare, crowd-pleasing entertainment. Memorable events like these don’t just happen, they’re meticulously crafted by professional planners. In NYC, it takes a discerning eye for the best talent and creative flair to pull off the perfect celebration. We’ve compiled a list of top event planners and event planning companies to help guide you in choosing exactly the right professional to meet your needs.

- Party Slate Best Of List, February 2018

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- The Story Exchange, January 2018

“My fate as an event planner seemed pre-determined,” Adelstein says. “I took all of my passions: entertaining, cooking, inviting people into my home--everything that represented who I really was, added in my strong skill set, and harnessed them into the business of event planning.”

Today, she is CEO of NYLUX Events, an event-planning business whose client list includes major corporations and non-profits as well as weddings and Bar and Bat Mitzvahs.

- American Express, September 2016


Lauren Rachel was studying to be a professional ballerina while she was studying for her bat mitzvah. She and her event planner, Andrea Adelstein of NYLUX Events, put together a frilly, fluffy, and feathered bat mitzvah bash at the W Hotel Union Square. The idea was to incorporate the elegant details of classical ballet, while not being too over-the-top. We spoke to Adelstein about the lovely “Swan Lake”-inspired soiree.

- Bar-Bat Mitzvah Guide, May 2014

As the owner of NYLUX Events, a full service event company located in SoHo, NY, Adelstein produces gorgeous affairs. This past May she put together a dinner honoring Hillary Clinton with the same vigor as her smaller, more intimate gatherings. When you speak with her about her job, you realize that everyone receives the same love, dedication and attention from this creative and inspiring woman. It’s no surprise that Adelstein’s company’s motto promises what everyone wishes: “Be a guest at your own event.”  

- Bella New York, June 2014

I believe invitations set the tone for the party. The wedding invitation has changed quite a lot over the past 30+ years. When I was growing up the choices were fewer and everything was a version of the same basic standard. Now couples can do almost anything: logos, craft paper, multiple colors and fonts. Brides and grooms can have their collective personalities shine through their invitation. I do caution couples to not go too outrageous, as I want them to love their invitation 10, 20 and 30 years from now. And a classic engraved or letterpress invitation is always gorgeous.

- EI8HTEEN SE7ENTY EI8HT, October 2015

Andrea Adelstein hopes to revive the lost art of the dinner party by reminding us to keep it simple.

To all appearances, the dinner party exists mainly within the pages of magazines. Yes, there are block parties, progressive parties, underground restaurants, dinner with six strangers, etc. But what about those incredibly elegant, utterly everyday affairs we vaguely recall our parents talking about?

Andrea Adelstein remembers. The Tenafly NJ native looks back to her childhood and sees the candlelit, laughter-filled evenings when her parents invited guests over for dinner. Through her company NY Lux Events, Adelstein attempts to recreate the relaxed glamour of intimate dinner parties for small groups and large throngs. Recently she was asked to consult on an event honoring Hillary Rodham Clinton; they do weddings, bat mitzvahs, life celebrations and all other special occasions where food is a must.

- Toque Magazine, May 2014

I recently had the privilege of working with NYLUX Events to create custom cookies for a winter wonderland themed Bat Mitzvah. These designs are based on a logo created by the company for the event.

- SweetAmbs, February 2012